• Developing your talent!

    Developing your talent!

  • Friendly people.

    Friendly people.

A public speaking club that’s fun, friendly, educational and rewarding.

We are a friendly social group of ordinary people from all walks of life who meet to improve our public speaking skills and develop our listening abilities as well.

The Club evenings are informal with the emphasis on enjoyment and to help new members to gain the confidence to deliver a speech, talk or work on their public speaking skills.

It is a no pressure environment that allows everyone to stay within their own comfort zone.

You can just sit and listen without having to deliver any speeches but our structured teaching programme will soon give you the confidence and ability to deliver interesting and entertaining speeches.

The current members range from raw beginners and intermediate levels through to very accomplished speakers who will guide you to become a far better speaker in a couple of seasons.

There is an enjoyable social side to the Club consisting of Tall Story evenings, Annual Dinner and Group discussions covering every topic under the sun.

Clarkston Speakers Club is open to men or women and is a leading member of the Association of Speakers Clubs.


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